1. The outlet water temperature fluctuates.
When this occurs, you need to check out whether the water is flowing continuously.
1) If the water flow is continuous, you need to reduce the inlet water pressure of either the hot water or the cold water.
2) If the water flow is intermittent, you must check whether the hot water temperature is too high. If so, then adjust the temperature down to 34-36℃.
3) If the method above doesn't work, then you need to change the shower cartridge.

2. Water isn't hot enough.
1) Check if the inlet is blocked or if there is any residual cold water in the pipe.
Solution: Clean the gaskets of the filter screen or drain the cold water from the hot water pipes.
2) Check whether the temperature is over 55 or the hot water pressure is too low (it may occur in the first floor or the top floor).
Solution: Turn up the hot water temperature or regulate the cold water pressure.

3. Only supply either hot water or cold water.
The most common reason for this is that the inlet pipes of the hot and cold water are reversed.
Solution: you just need to exchange the inlet pipes.

4. The gas water heater cannot be fired or not continuously fired.
The main problem is that the water temperature and volume of the hot water cannot meet the requirements.
Solution: Turn the gas water heater to a large flow and high heat. Then switch on the supply water of this unit.

5. The outlet temperature of the thermostatic tap used in electric water heater is low.
The main reason is that the factory temperature of the electric water heater is set at 50 ℃ or so.
Solution: It is best to reset the temperature to 60℃.

6. The hot/cold water flows out when you switch to the cold/hot water supply (the convection of the hot and cold water).
1) Check to see if the check valve is blocked. If it is, then you just need to remove the blockage with something like a screwdriver.
2) If the problem cannot be solved, you need to replace the shower cartridge.

7. Water dripping occurs at any faucet connectors.
Solution: Tighten the connectors using tools or wrap the connectors with PTFE in the threads.

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