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Thermostatic Cartridge

    1. Copper Thermostatic Cartridge
    2. Copper Thermostatic CartridgeAnti-scald: When the cold water is shut down, during the first 5 seconds (±0.5 seconds) if the outlet water volume is less than 200ml, the outlet temperature is within 49℃, otherwise the temperature should be less than 42℃ and the volume less than 300ml, the temperature less than 49℃ in the following 30seconds. Besides, the temperature difference between the outlet water and the set temperature should be within 2℃.
    1. Plastic Thermostatic Cartridge
    2. Plastic Thermostatic CartridgeStable outlet water temperature: when the inlet water temperature is stable and the inlet pressure is 0.3 MPa then either pressure of the cold or hot water reduces to 20%; or when the inlet pressure is 0.3 Mpa, the inlet temperature of hot water varies by 10%, eventually the outlet water temperature difference is within 2 ℃ compared with the set temperature.