Shelf type Smart Thermostatic Shower Mixer Valve

The main body of the shelf type smart thermostatic shower mixer valve is made of HPb59-1 (grade A brass).
The shell adopts ABS (plating) being resistant to high temperature of 100℃ and anti-cracking of 20℃ below zero.
The panel is made of PC.
The handle is made of copper.

1. It is easy to control the temperature precisely by the swivel handle coupled with digital display.

2. You may experience a new shower for the water supply can be controlled by button type switch to choose shower or faucet.

3. When taking a shower, it is convenient to put sundries on the available shelf.

4. Thanks to the temperature memory switch, you only need to set temperature the first time you use it, without regulating the temperature when taking a shower next time.

5. The equipped honeycomb aerator is able to save water due to the mixing air and prevent the water from spreading leading smooth water flow.

6. The heat insulated surface is to prevent scald and the round off corner is to prevent from being injured.

7. It is easy to clean, because the smooth shell surface is uneasy to be dirty.

8. The net weight is 3.5kg.

Available standards
BS EN1111, BS EN1287, ASME A112.12.1/CSAB 125.1, ASSE 1016 and AS 4032.2.

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