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GR-LY-44C Wall Mount Anti-scald Thermostatic Mixing Shower Valve

Anti-scald theory
Copper coated plastic anti-scald patent structure: the inner layer is made of plastic, the outer is made of copper, and the both materials have gaps or intervals which can separate the hot water from the metal surface of anti-scald effect.

Wall mount anti-scald thermostatic mixing shower valve: The outer cover is made of HPb59-1(grade A brass); the inner liner is made of PPA+60%GF.
Handwheel tap: It is made of ABS or zinc alloy, treated by fully plating which is anti-corrosion.
The big top spray shower is treated by fully plating and is pressurized by air.
Dual control valve: The surface is treated by chroming and conducted the 24h acid salt spray test.
This product includes triple function components: faucets, overhead spray and shower.

When the pressure ratio of hot water and cold water is 10:1, the temperature difference will be within 2℃.
The faucets are equipped with prepositive switch, having no check valve, to prevent splashing.
The product can be used in the temperature being 10-20℃ below zero without being froze and burst.
The net weight is 1.7kg.

Available standards
BS EN1111, BS EN1287, ASME A112.12.1/CSAB 125.1, ASSE 1016 and AS 4032.2.

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