GR-LY-62 Hot Cold Water Thermostatic Mixing Shower Valve

1. Valv body: It is made of HPb59-1(grade A brass) uneasy to rust.
2. The valve cartridge which is made of copper is of good tensile strength and uneasy to deform.
3. The handle which is made of zinc alloy is of good corrosion resistance and abrasive resistance.
4. The product is conducted by fully electroplating surface treatment, thus is of corrosion resistance, abrasive resistance and uneasy to stain.

1. The outlet of the thermostatic cartridge is equipped with thermosensitive element to keep stable water temperature, which can make the cartridge move due to its temperature sensing properties for controlling the inlet of hot water and cold water. Once the temperature is set, the ratio of hot water and cold water into the outlet changes automatically to keep the outlet water temperature at constant level.

2. Compared to the traditional faucet, thermostatic valve can keep a constant temperature without manual operation. The exposed thermostatic mixing shower valve can guarantee safety and heat insulation by quickly balancing the water temperature.

3. The product is equipped with honeycomb aerator which can make the water foaming and has advantage in saving water, preventing water from spreading and filtering the impurities in water.

4. Top spray shower, hand-held shower and tap can supply water simultaneously.

5. With concentric shower valve controlling, the flux and temperature of the water is easier to operate.

6. We provide kinds of colors to choose such as champaign gold, rose gold, ORB, etc. (The custom ones as you request are also applicable.)

7. If you want to know about the relating size or to tell the size you need, just contact us.

Available standards
BS EN1111, BS EN1287, ASME A112.12.1/CSAB 125.1, ASSE 1016 and AS 4032.2

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